Content Warnings: Food

The Best Take-Out in Brum

(According to me and my housemates)

Feeling tired and hungry? Want take-out, but are overwhelmed by the vastness of Deliveroo? Can’t decide which pizza place is best? Or stuck in isolation with little do to? Do not fear – here is a list of some of my favourite take-outs in Brum, to guarantee tasty food and a cozy night in, with help from my lovely housemates.

Franco Manca

Serving seasonal and simple classics (aptly named Number 1,2,3 etc.), Franco Manca is one of my pizza favourites. Served on a delicious sourdough base, the menu contains everyday staples, such as a Margherita, alongside some fun options – mushrooms, chorizo, stilton sauce, even potato. I love Franco Manca not only for the quality of the pizzas, but also the price, with their pizzas starting at £7.10 – not too bad for a student budget. The menu also contains gluten-free and vegan options – which is super handy, although my go-to has to be the Number 6 with added mushrooms.



Yakinori has to be a Selly Oak staple. Though slightly pricey, the food is definitely worth a splurge if you really want to treat yourself. Yakinori is an independent Japanese restaurant, with its menu covering everything from sushi, to bento, to ramen – so not only is the food delicious, but you get to support a local independent at the same time! My personal highlights include the Teriyaki Salmon Donburi, as well as the Chicken Katsu sushi roll – which is great to share among friends. Another pro of Yakinori is its closeness means delivery times are usually fairly reasonable, which is perfect if you’re in desperate need of a takeaway fix. To quote my housemate – ‘Just because it’s two minutes down the road, doesn’t mean it’s not worth delivering’ – I would have to agree.


Pho is a Vietnamese street-food restaurant located in New Street Station. To quote my housemate, (again), ‘Pho is great if you want to feel looked after’, so naturally I had to include it in the Nightline Blog. ‘Their noodle soups are great whatever you get’ and the prawn crackers are ‘chefs kiss’. The menu also includes great gluten-free options, and their vegan ‘prawn-less crackers’ genuinely taste of prawn – one of life’s great mysteries, and one I am thankful for, as they are truly amazing. Hilariously the Deliveroo menu also has an entire ‘hangover cure’ section – they sure know who they’re catering towards.


Being in Brum, I had to include a Midlands classic – pie (even though ironically, Pieminister was founded in Bristol). There’s not much to say about Pieminister other than it’s great if you’re a beige-foodenthusiast. The menu has delicious classic pies, cheesy mash, rosemary skin on fries, and the option for extra gravy – as any respectable pie restaurant should. If you’re looking for some hearty comfort food that tastes like home, or are simply bored of the classic takeaway options, Pieminister is a great choice for a warming and crowd-pleasing meal. 

Special Mention - Boston Tea Party

Boston Tea party is another awesome food place with locations scattered all over Birmingham! While I think going in person is worthwhile for their wholesome brunch vibes, their blueberry pancakes are to die for. If I could have them delivered daily, I would, and I definitely recommend them for a morning pick-me-up, alongside a nice cup of coffee.