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About the Bilblog

The Bilblog is a space for university students in Birmingham to share mental health experiences, wellbeing and self-care tips, volunteering stories, and wholesome content, to allow us to support each other.

Please be aware that this is an open platform, and views expressed on this site may not reflect the views of Birmingham Nightline.



The Power of the Written Word

Often as students we can find reading and writing tiring. We are required to do so much for our studies, and most of us remember growing bored of the books…
franco manca

The Best Take-Out in Brum

Feeling tired and hungry? Want take-out, but are overwhelmed by the vastness of Deliveroo? Do not fear – here is a list of some of my favourite take-outs in Brum.

Fresher’s Guide to Societies

It can be daunting moving to a new place for university, but joining societies can be a good way to meet new people who have similar interests to you.

My Favourite Reads: Summer 2021

Maybe you’re an avid reader looking for some recommendations, or maybe you’re seeking a new wholesome hobby. Either way – here are some of my favourites from this summer.